Project Background:

In July 2005 approval was given by the Department for Transport (‘DfT’) to release funds for certain elements of the Manchester Metrolink Phase 3 works that related to the capacity and renewal of the existing system (phase 3 £550m). The approved work had a value of approximately £102m and included:

The procurement and implementation of this scale of capacity enhancements and asset renewals was incompatible with the current form of contract with the operator. GMPTE wanted a new arrangement for operation and maintenance in place no later than the end of December 2006. Therefore a new operator (OpsCo) and a new infrastructure maintainer (InfraCo) needed to be procured. The objective project was to let the four contracts in such a fashion that provided best value to GMPTE, managed risk effectively and provided GMPTE with greater control over its assets.

Jason’s Role:

Jason was commissioned as a full time consultant seconded into GMPTE to provide project management expertise and support to the Metrolink team.

Jason specifically managed the procurement process in respect of the service contracts two and three (OpsCo. and InfraCo). His work involved strategic programming, management of the OJEU tender process, establishing communication procedures / protocols with the tendering organisations and developing 21 OBC/FBC business cases for a suite of special projects.

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