The Project and Background:

TfGM recognised the need for a Portfolio based approach to delivering investment as part of their transformation programme. Transformation was established in response to Devolution of powers to Greater Manchester during 2016/17 for which TfGM would be accountable for delivering.

TfGM are making significant investments of time, energy and money in the implementation of business change and capital projects to achieve benefits for the Greater Manchester Authority. TfGM established a Portfolio Office to support the Executive Board in the delivery of their critical programmes.

Working with the Board, the Portfolio Office identified that the organisations approach to Benefits Management needed re focusing to ensure a ‘top down’ organisational based method was in place.

Optimise’s role:

Optimise was commissioned to focus on identifying what TfGM had in place and, if it needs to change how TfGM can do so in a manner that improves organisational Benefits Management maturity. The purpose of the ‘review’ was to assess the status of the current approach and plot maturity against known Benefits Management approaches and/or similar business (if relevance can be made).

Via interviews, documents assessments, surveys and process reviews Optimise assessed how benefits are identified, how governance is achieved, how mature benefits tracking was and how the execution of the benefits management process is supported, with the objective of facilitating the delivery of planned benefits.

Value delivered to client:

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