Project Background: 

On 27 July 2007, the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) agreed to submit a bid to the Government’s Transport Innovation Fund (TIF). This would bring a 3 billion pound package of transport funding and the introduction of a road congestion charging system. Public transport in Greater Manchester would be vastly improved; including an expanded Metrolink network, longer trains on many of the conurbation’s rail lines and more frequent, high quality bus services. Other schemes including Park and Ride and Yellow School Bus services would be part of the largest and most far-reaching transport investment programme outside London, alongside measures to ensure effective integration across all transport services.

On 9 June 2008 Ruth Kelly, Secretary of State for Transport, announced that Greater Manchester’s TIF bid has been approved for programme entry by the Department for Transport.

Key improvements TIF would have delivered across Greater Manchester include:

Jason’s Role:

Jason was commissioned as a full time consultant seconded into GMPTE (now TfGM) to provide programme management expertise and support to the TiF team.

Jason was part of the Programme definition team who were tasked with creating OBC/FBC business cases, delivery plans and PPM methodology to obtain DfT funding. The TIF package contained ~ 30 work programmes including line extensions, upgrades, station improvements, signaling, stabling and an IT proposal to support congestion charging. He managed the coordination and development of the FBC (using the Green Book) for submission to the DfT. He set up the PMO and he coordinated the development of the ‘Programme Implementation Plan’ which included the new operating structure for GMPTE, risk management approach in accordance with the Orange book and procurement/design approaches to undertake the works.


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