The Project and Background:

Construction Impact Framework (C.I.F) is a unique OJEU compliant Framework built on four cornerstones representing: Quality, Value, Customer Service and Social Impact. Intentionally designed with Clients, Contractors and Communities at its heart, C.I.F replaces lowest price tendering; with real partnering relationships based on shared objectives for the common good.

The Project Goals:

The Construction Impact Framework has been established to provide easy access to a comprehensive range of services which provide procurement solutions for our clients. Devised to reduce the time and costs associated with the procurement of construction related services the Framework has been designed to deliver:

C.I.F is compliant with both UK and EU legislation and offers flexibility to ensure quality service delivery.

Optimise’s role:

CIF is a public-sector client for Optimise, following an OJEU tender we were successful and have created a Partnership with Decipher Consulting (UK) Limited (Decipher & Optimise Partnership LLP). The partnership will provide Employer Agent Services across a 4 year period. The framework is estimated to deliver projects that will total £150m over the contract period. CIF’s founding principles synergise with Optimise because they focus on the delivering sustainable social impact and on delivering quality services at great value.

As a consultant the LLP is eligible to pay a levy to the framework – 0.5 % of this levy is then re-invested by the framework into initiatives that support communities across the North West providing added value to our clients capital works.

We work in true partnership with Sara and the team, Optimise regularly share client knowledge and to date have been able to secure funding for local causes.


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